Our Services

Ripe 'n Ready

We are experts in selecting quality avocados and ripening them to perfection. Our Ripening Centers in KZN and Gauteng are equipped with temperature controlled facilities that manipulate the ripening process while maintaining the cold food chain. This process ensures that our customers enjoy fresh, ripe avocados that are ready to eat. Our Ripe 'n Ready avocado service includes the following:

Year-round avocado supply

During the South African Avocado season, most of our avocados come from our own farms as well as our partners in the Avocado Industry. We always receive unripened fruit into our Ripening Centers from which we select and ripen only the best.

Direct distribution

Avolands currently supplies ripe avocados directly to the retail and hospitality industries throughout KZN and Gauteng. We pride ourselves in knowing that we extend the shelf-life of our avocados by controlling the ripening environment and delivering our avocados directly to the store. Our avocados do not sit in warehouses waiting for distribution.

Customer service

We believe that our customers should expect quality products and excellent service; this is our goal and commitment to them. Our regular deliveries and guaranteed quality is why Avolands is a preferred supplier of ripe Avocados.

Avocado processing

Avocados that cannot be used in our Ripe n’ Ready program because they are too small or because they have external blemishes, are used in the making of 3 delicious guacamole recipes. Each punnet of guacamole contains the equivalent of 2 medium avocados making it not only a tasty dip, but also a wise buy. Furthermore, due to the innovative HPP (High-Pressure Pasteurization) process we use to pasteurize our guacamole, no nutrients are destroyed and no additives are added.