Our Products

Ensuring goodness…

We are passionate about ensuring goodness in our product which compliments a healthy and nutritional lifestyle in our busy world.

Our products are…

• Premium quality
• Delicious
• GMO free
• Preservative and additive free
• No flavourants
• Uncompromised Nutritional Value
• No cooking required
• Completely Food safe and independently audited to Global ISO 22 000-FSSC HACCP standards.

We carefully plan our supply commitments with our customers so that enough product is manufactured during the season. This ensures uninterrupted supply to all our customers.

The High Pressure Processing of our avocado pulp (guacamole), ensures that our products are both food safe, with an uncompromised nutritional value. This process allows for a 2-year frozen shelf life and 30-day shelf life once defrosted but still refrigerated.

For retail:

We have 3 standard flavours…

Plain Guacamole – avocado with a hint of salt and lemon

Traditional Guacamole – avocado with tomato, onion, coriander, fresh lemon and a hint of salt.

Spicy Guacamole – avocado with tomato, onions, chillies, cayenne pepper, coriander, fresh lemon and a hint of salt.

These come in 150 & 200-gram rigid tubs… and they are all delicious!

For wholesale:

We offer avocado puree in one kilogram, 500 gram and 330-gram flexible sachets.

Chat to us about your unique requirements such as:  formulation, packaging & label to suit your specific needs.